Copper Love

Copper was Senior Instructor of Tellington-TTouch Training for many years teaching clinics in Europe, Australia, Russia and the United States.

“Copper, in my mind, is just one of the most inspiring, skillful and supportive teachers I have the privilege of knowing and working with and if anyone has the opportunity to work with her, that is good fortune, indeed. It’s not just her caring, it’s the skill and the depth of compassion in her work with not only animals, but with people as well, that makes her so unique.” Linda Tellington-Jones


Here's what some top professionals (Linda Tellington-Jones, Kinky Friedman, Suzanne Clothier, and others) have to say about Copper's work:


Robert Dover riding Romantico in the 1986 Olympic Games

"We really appreciated Copper working on Romantico at competitions, helping him recover between classes and keeping him fresh and eager to go again. Grand Prix and Freestyle demand the utmost brilliance from a horse. Her work helped him achieve that level of performance. Copper has the extraordinary ability to listen to horses, letting them tell her what they need. Another example of Copper's intuitive ability with horses: At the World Championships in Canada, I lost a treasured ring in Romantico's stall, bedded three feet deep in shavings. Copper 'listened' to Romantico, and let him show her where it was. Talk about magic!"

Marnie Reeder, Manager of American Romance Ltd, Owner of Romantico

Copper working with Romantico at Dr. Beckett's veterinarian clinic

"Copper's demonstrations of her gentle and caring techniques opened my eyes to how much skilled human touch can benefit animals, and her successes continue to expand that understanding."

Tom Beckett DVM Austin, Texas

Kinky Friedman Copper Love

Kinky Friedman

"Copper has been a miracle worker here at Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. Her touch is a tonic to almost any animal. She is a healer through touch and spirit."

Kinky Friedman

Author, Musician and candidate for Governor of the Great State of Texas 2010

Doug Adams, Cheyenne Rodeo

"I've rode and trained horses for 35 years. I've attended hundreds of clinics studying with the top horsemen of our time. But Copper is a woman with a magic touch and has an understanding and connection with horses like no other. I've worked with her on several occasions spanning 10 years and I'm always amazed at how she handles herself with all kinds of horses. When she puts her hands on them they begin to settle and focus right away. She darn sure knows her way around a horse."

Doug Adams: Texas A&M graduate; College National finals Rodeo Team; Professional Horse Trainer; PRCA Bull Rider Top 30; PBR and ABBI Judge


"Copper brings new dimensions to the horse/human relationship. With respect, empathy and grace, she joins the horse in a mutual dance of growing, understanding and cooperation while seeking the best possible balance for that horse in that moment. Copper is a gift you can give any horse you care about."

Suzanne Clothier

Renowned dog trainer, lecturer and award-winning author,
"Bones Would Rain From the Sky"


Russian Show Jumpers

Copper working with Russian National Jumpers and Dressage Team
USSR Bitsa Sports
Center, Moscow

Copper has also had the pleasure of working with Anne Kursinski
Silver Medalist U.S.A. Olympic Jumping Team

Santa Anita, Fast Parade on the lead against multiple Grade 1 winner After Market. Before the year was out, Fast Parade would set a new track record at Del Mar and win the $500,000 Grade 2 Nearctic Stakes at Woodbine.

"Fast Parade was just a phenomenal three-year-old prospect, with all the speed in the world and smart enough to learn to rate. Copper was just what he needed, and I can't help but wonder what he might have gone on to achieve if she'd stayed with him after he changed owners."

John Loftus, award-winning turf writer and biographer of Fast Parade

Copper calming Fast Parade in Keeneland's paddock before the 2006 Lexington Stakes which is the final prep for the Kentucky Derby. Famed broadcaster Tom Hammond conducts an interview in the background.

"When I first heard my owner was sending a top TTouch Instructor to work with our race horses I could not have been more skeptical. Not being familiar with this kind of work I rather thought it would be a waste of money but still vowed to have an open mind. I'm happy to say I was so wrong. The lessons Copper Love taught me were incredible. The soft and calming touches were just what these hyped up, stressed out racehorses needed. It targeted their sore spots while teaching them to trust that we would help them. In particular it really helped the 'star' of the stable, an enormously talented 2006 Kentucky Derby candidate named Fast Parade. He benefited from Copper's work the most as he NEEDED it the most. His demeanor changed dramatically from a tooth grinding, nervous eating, speed crazy horse to a calm, confident, relaxed runner. And what athlete doesn't do better calm and confident? Copper was a joy to be around and the horses sensed that also."

Virginia (Ginny) Padgett, TB Trainer Louisville, Ky.

Brook Sample first across the finish line of the Tom Quilty Gold Cup Endurance Ride, Australia

"At the time Copper worked with our horses, we had more than thirty in work and competition. The Sharahd endurance horses were considered amongst the best in Australia. Copper's skill produced more relaxed and better moving horses. Many low level lameness and chiropractic problems were overcome. I am also very aware of the benefit of Copper's work with horses owned by others."

Bob Sample, Queensland, Australia
Breeder, trainer, competitor with Endurance Riding

Bob Sample won the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in 1993; has been the National Champion Heavy Weight Rider six times, and has earned 15 Quilty buckles. His son Brook Sample has won the Tom Quilty Gold Cup three times, and has represented Australia World Championship rides three times.

Copper working with Brook Sample's horse in Holland for the World Equestrian Games, 1994

Cat Friske riding barrel competition on Revolver

"Copper Love is outstanding in her use of and teaching abilities in her techniques that allows a horse to find his way out of old muscle memories holding him from full potential. In the many years of knowing Copper, watching her and seeing her open up and release tension, fear, and pain from the horses and dogs in her care is a totally amazing and wonderful learning experience."

Cathryn (Cat) Friske, Professional Horse Handling Instructor and Barrel Racer

Copper working with Shiloh

"Shiloh was a nervous wreck. No one knows how long he'd been that way---maybe all his life. This tall, handsome Thoroughbred had his share of emotional problems, yet under Copper Love's skilled fingers, an amazing change began in Shiloh. He lost his fear and began to change the entire tone of his body language as the manipulation of his frazzled nerves and knotted muscles took effect."

Peggy Cole for DS Dispatch


Linda Tellington-Jones and Copper Love

"Copper Love is one of those rare Master Teachers who will touch your life with joy and compassion and deepen your understanding and appreciation of yourself and others. She was an Instructor of Tellington-TTouch Training for many years in Europe, Australia, Russia and all over the United States and her name and the effects she had on her students are legend."

Linda Tellington-Jones
Founder of Tellington-TTouch

Icelandic Therapy horse, Germany
(Blessed with grace)

'Merlin', Shire draft-horse in driving competition, Germany.
(He was so cool! A gentle giant)


Copper with Cotton Club winning at Manor Downs, 1985.
(A wonderful mare. Big heart, great intelligence.)

Owned by Julianna Hawn

"The thing that I love about this method - Tellington-TTouch - because of the bodywork, the ground work and the work that we do under saddle - is that it gives both the experienced and the amateur horse person ways in which they can come from the heart and be successful. Instead of coming from the place of dominance that we hear so much about in the horse world, we can learn to cooperate with horses - and the horses are taught to cooperate with us, so that they can enjoy working with humans as much as humans enjoy working with horses." Linda Tellington-Jones