"Texas Hill Country"

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Echo Hill Ranch Collection





Autumn Pastels - oil painting by Copper Love
Autumn Pastels





country painting Copper Love
     Breakfast in Bed
24x30 plein-air



art Texas sheep

Keep'n Cool




Summertime Fun art by Copper Love
Summertime Fun
18x24 plein-air


     Red Bud Blossoms
12x16 plein-air

paintings Texas by Copper Love
When the Lord Closes the Door,
She Opens
a Little Window


Young Sumac With an Attitude
16X20 plein-air



country garden painting
      Bobbie's Garden
    24x36 plein-air


painting clouds by Copper Love
    Hole in the Clouds


Snow Dusted Hills painting by Copper Love
Snow Dusted Hills
12x24 plein-air



Blue Bonnet painting Totsie Long painting blue bonnets by Copper Love
Totsie Long
Blue Bonnet Painter
18x24 plein-air
canoe painting
      Lunch Break
    15x30 plein-air




texas country painting
Eric and the Roadrunner
Keeping Cool by the
Stock Tank
  24x30 plein-air


    Good Fishing Hole
  22x28 plein-air


22x28 plein-air


Llano County



Krause Springs painting by Copper Love
 Krause Springs
Spicewood, Texas
18x24 plein-air

snow painting by Copper Love
Mama Kitty
Nice and Cozy

30x40 plein-air


Symphony in Autumn art By Copper Love
Symphony in the Trees
14x14 plein-air



Sisterdale Rd. Winter Fields  painting by Copper Love
Winter Fields
Sisterdale Road
9x30 plein-air



Painting by Copper Love Sycamores by the Creek
Sycamores by the Creek
12x16 plein-air

Cypress on the Frio















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